Pro Mountain Biker Jumps Across Canyon, Captures It Via GoPro (Video)

bike canyon jump gopro

The last GoPro video I wrote about was a horrifying near-tragedy, so it’s nice to see a much more triumphant one come around the bend in time for Christmas. The photographer/mountain biker/superhero in the video is Brendan Fairclough, who captured his awesome ride through a canyon at the Red Bull Rampage 2013 and uploaded it to the internet.

Of course, saying he biked through a canyon course is a bit misleading, as that makes it sound like this was a bike course that happens to be near or around a canyon. As the video demonstrates, that isn’t really the case, as there are times when it seems like Fairclough is biking across terrain that it would be impossible for mere mortals to walk across, let alone ride their bike through.  And that’s before he even gets to the incredible jump over an impossibly high gap, which is captured from the greatest imaginable angle thanks to Fairclough’s GoPro camera.

But words are ultimately inadequate when trying to describe a feat like the one accomplished by Fairclough, so enough yakking.  Let’s get to the video! It’s available for your viewing pleasure below (just remember to hold onto your stomach, because it may attempt to leave your body).

Check it out:

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