The Russians Have Mastered Twerking (Video)

Russian Twerking Video

In the 1964 Cold War comedy Dr. Strangelove, George C. Scott’s General Buck Turgidson continually advises the president of the United States against allowing the Russians to catch up or exceed the US in a variety of fields. After seeing this video of a Russian woman twerking, I’m confident that if General Turgidson were alive today, he would bemoan the existence of a “twerking gap.”

Thank God the Cold War is over, because 5 or 6 twerkers like this could have shifted the balance of power irrevocably toward the Communists and resulted in a losing war for the forces of peace, prosperity, and freedom. Then again, it is pretty fun to watch her twerk, so maybe it would have balanced out.

In any case, we aren’t at war with Russia anymore, so you can watch all the Russian twerking videos you want with impunity (as long as you’re not at work). And, as hard as it might be, I do recommend taking your eyes off of her from time to time and watching the guy sitting on the floor.  His reactions to the twerking display are priceless.

Here’s the video:

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