Ajman Official Takes Swing at Ref During UAE Soccer Match (Video)

Al-Ajman Official Fights Ref

If you’ve been ignoring soccer matches from the United Arab Emirates but love to watch awkward fights between grown men during sporting events, you might want to watch the video at the bottom of this page. It shows things getting very heated between an Ajman official and a referee during a recent league match.

The game had Ajman facing off against Al-Ahli, and passions got even hotter than normal when one of the game’s refs called an extremely controversial 96th minute penalty, which all but won the game for Al-Ahli, who were playing against Ajman at home. The crowd turned pretty sour, but the flashpoint of the conflict occurred on the field between an Ajman official and the ref in question.

You can see the conflict between Ajman’s club official and a referee during a United Arab Emirates league match in the video below. And keep in mind that as far as soccer is concerned, things could have probably been a lot worse.

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