D.J. Lynch of Bowling Green Throws Punches at Pittsburgh’s Manasseh Garner (GIFs and Video)

DJ Lynch Punches Manasseh Garner

As you’re probably aware, Festivus was this week. And D.J. Lynch, linebacker for the Bowling Green State Falcons, was apparently aware of this as well, as he commemorated the holiday by raining blows upon the Pittsburgh Panthers’ Manasseh Garner during the 2013 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl.

It happened during the opening kickoff of the game’s third quarter. And unfortunately, there was the little matter of Bowling Green’s BooBoo Gates returning that kickoff 94 yards for a touchdown to distract fans from D.J. Lynch’s brief loss of control over his fists. What caused the fight is unknown, but both parties were flagged for offsetting penalties, and the game-tying touchdown stood as scored.

In case you missed the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl between the Bowling Green Falcons and the Pittsburgh Panthers, there are two ways for you to watch D.J. Lynch’s fight with Manasseh Garner below.

First, here’s the GIF:

Bowling Green's D.J. Lynch Takes Swings at Pittsburgh's Manasseh Garner

And finally, here’s video of the punches that shook the 2013 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl to its very core:

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