FSU’s Michael Scheerhorn Raises Money to Send Cancer-Suffering Girl to BCS Game


Michael Scheerhorn, linebacker for Florida State University, accomplished something greater than any accomplishment on the football field in advance of the BCS National Championship Game on January 6th, 2014. He managed to raise much more than the $5,000 he figured was needed in order to send a young cancer patient and her parents to the game absolutely free of charge.

More specifically, and thanks to the generosity of FSU fans (and fans of college football in general), Scheerhorn has raised a total of $10,353 so far, with all leftover proceeds going back to the Children’s Cancer Center, the organization handling the child’s treatments. This accomplishment will certainly add a new dimension to Scheerhorn’s BCS National Championship Game, where the FSU Seminoles will square off against the Auburn Tigers.

For Michael Scheerhorn’s part, this wasn’t just a random act of kindness. Unfortunately, he knows all too well the pain that comes from having a family member battling cancer, especially if that member of the family is a child. Here’s a statement on his involvement with the situation straight from Scheerhorn, via Fox Sports (check it out here):

When my brother Daniel was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma – a form of brain cancer – it was devastating to my entire family. Everything changed in a heartbeat. While Daniel’s medical team worked to cure his cancer, we soon found that it was going to take more than medicine for our whole family to beat this thing which had so suddenly and dramatically invaded our lives. The Children’s Cancer Center understands that, and we were fortunate to receive their help. They provided all kinds of day-to-day support for our entire family at a time when we needed it most.
Now I would like to pay that kindness forward, so I’m sending a child and her parent to the BCS Championship game in Pasadena!

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