Shaun White Captures Double Cork 1440 With GoPro (Video)

shaun white gopro

Pro snowboarder Shaun White recently put the “pro” in GoPro, showing off in a new video released by GoPro (who just so happen to be sponsors of White) as he demonstrates his skills on a custom-built half-pipe in Perisher, Australia.

During the video—which shows Shaun White in action from a variety of angles, not just ones captured by a GoPro camera—White eventually nails a trick known as a double cork 1440, and it really does have to be seen to be believed.

Luckily, you can do just that in the promotional video from GoPro and Shaun White, who also serves as a “super producer” for the brand, meaning he can edit and shoot his own GoPro footage. And this most recent outing for the company demonstrates all of those skills (with the added bonus of Olympic-level snowboarding abilities to go with them). The idea is that White’s videos for GoPro show the versatility of the camera, but this one’s pretty fun to watch even if you’ve never set foot onto (or is it into?) a snowboard.

You can watch Shaun White’s GoPro video of his double cork 1440, which White himself described as requiring “a level of commitment,” and “the right mindset.”  You’ll see why by watching the video below. Enjoy:

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