Anderson Silva Suffers Nasty Leg Break at UFC 168 (GIF)

Anderson Silva Leg Break

How was your holiday break? Did anything go horribly wrong? Did you get stuck at the airport overnight, or did one of your elderly uncles get drunk and fall into the hot tub? Whatever happened, I can still guarantee you had a better weekend than Anderson Silva‘s leg, which literally snapped in half during the former middleweight champion’s UFC 168 bout against Chris Weidman on Saturday night.

The snap happened when Silva launched a low kick, which was checked by Weidman and did damage beyond the imaginations of anyone inside the cage or out. Silva’s tibia and fibula were determined to have been shattered, and he now faces an injury which many are assuming will mark the end of his long career.

Here’s what Weidman had to say about the injury:

“To break someone’s leg, I’ve never done that before. I didn’t want to see Anderson get hurt like that.”

If you haven’t eaten anything lately, you can check out Anderson Silva’s possibly career-ending injury from UFC 168 via animated GIF below.  Another word of warning: This is exceedingly gruesome stuff that makes the Theismann Scale of Unwatchable Injuries pretty much obsolete. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Here’s the GIF:

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