New Jersey Devils’ Travis Zajac Scores a Goal With His Face (Video)

Travis Zajac Scores Goal With Face

They say that in hockey, a goal is a goal is a goal (even if the puck sneaks into the net smuggled in a goalie’s pants).  But New Jersey Devils forward Travis Zajac managed to score a goal that was pretty undignified, even by hockey standards, when a slap shot sent the puck bouncing off of his face and into the goal.

Luckily for Zajac, he wasn’t hurt on the play. And in even better news for the Devils forward, his team went on to beat the Islanders by a score of 2-1, so you might say that Zajac’s face was responsible for the victory.

Since it’s unlikely that the trend of bringing soccer headers into hockey will catch on, you should enjoy the video of Zajac’s face deflection below. And now I will insult the intelligence of everyone reading this post by using a terrible face-related pun.

Watch Traviz Zajac save face here:

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