Jags’ LaRoy Reynolds Makes Helmetless Tackle (GIF)

LaRoy Reynolds' Helmetless Tackle

Rookie linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars, LaRoy Reynolds, must have something to prove to his teammates, the fans, or maybe just to himself, if his performance during Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts was any indication. After losing his helmet early during a punt, he ran another 30 or so yards to make a tackle.

The loss of LaRoy Reynolds’ helmet may have actually been an advantage for the player, as at least one of the Colts players seemed reluctant to tackle him without any head protection (maybe this will become the basis for a new kind of trick play, although I don’t suspect that would retain effectiveness for long, and football is dangerous enough with a helmet).

In any case, it was a ballsy move by Reynolds, and one he can be proud of since he made it out without getting hurt.

Check out LaRoy Reynolds of the Jacksonville Jaguars running 30 yards without a helmet to make a tackle in the animated GIF below. Unfortunately for Reynolds and the Jags, they ended up losing the game, but it’s the gesture that counts, right?

Here’s the GIF:

Safety: Always the most important thing, except when it isn’t.

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