Marquette’s Deonte Burton Posterizes Samford’s Emeka Ikezu (Videos)

Deonte Burton Dunk

Marquette University squared off against Samford over the weekend, and it wasn’t pretty. Marquette came out on top with 71 points to Samford’s 48, but the most crushing aspect of the game came a lot quicker than the final score, as Marquette’s Deonte Burton launched a brutal slam dunk on Samford’s Emeka Ikezu midway through the second half.

The nasty dunk was far from Burton’s only highlight during the game.  He also had a grand total of 13 points, four rebounds, two assists, and three blocks to his name before the damage was done. But the most immediately entertaining part of Deonte Burton’s showing was definitely the dunk, which Emeka Ikezu will probably be seeing in his nightmares for years to come.

Luckily, if you missed the game between Maquette and Samford, you can check out what may very well have been the best dunk of the entire week from not just one, but two different angles in the videos below.

Here’s the first video of Deonte Burton’s dunk on Emeka Ikezu:

And here’s the second:

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