Mike Ditka Fell Asleep During ‘NFL Sunday Countdown’ (Video)

Mike Ditka Asleep On TV

What’s the mark of a true TV veteran? There are probably several, but if one is being able to doze off during the high-pressure situation of live television, you can consider Mike Ditka a lifer after he fell asleep on the air during Sunday’s episode of ESPN’s NFL Sunday Countdown.

The impressive snooze happened following a report from reporter Josina Anderson on the Jets/Dolphins game, which Ditka apparently didn’t have any interest in. Luckily for Ditka (and unluckily for we in the viewing audience), his co-host Keyshawn Johnson reached over and nudged him awake, saving him the indignity of being seen dozing off during a closeup.

It just goes to show that if you’re tired enough, the human body finds a way to get the sleep it needs, particularly during the busy holiday season. And so it is with Mike Ditka, who will probably remember to have a cup of coffee before showtime from now on.

Here’s the video of Mike Ditka falling asleep on NFL Sunday Countdown:

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