Rams’ Kendall Langford Got Ejected for Accidentally Hitting Ref (GIF)

Kendall Langford Ejected

NFL referees are understandably a pretty sensitive group.  They spend their days telling guys who are a lot bigger and stronger than they are what to do, which I imagine is pretty nervy work. Plus, they represent the rules of the NFL on the field, so they have to be respected in order to prevent games from descending into chaos.

That’s the idea, anyway, but it still seemed kind of silly when Rams defensive tackle Kendall Langford got ejected for what was quite obviously an accident.

It happened during Sunday’s game between the Rams and the Seattle Seahawks. Langford was arguing with the men in stripes over the previous play, and during a particularly enthusiastic hand gesture he accidentally knocked one of the refs’ caps off. His mistake at that point was failing to pause in the argument, which must have made the official think the act was intentional, even though he wasn’t even looking in the ref’s direction when it happened.

Regardless of that fact, Kendall Langford got ejected from the game, and the Rams went on to lose to the Seahawks by a score of 27-9.

You can see the swipe that got Kendall Langford ejected below:

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