Seton Hall’s Gene Teague Suffers Scary Concussion (Video)

Gene Teague's Concussion

Gene Teague, a senior on Seton Hall’s basketball team, managed to give everybody watching the game between Seton Hall and Lafayette on Friday night a pretty big scare after he took a nasty spill that caused his head to bounce off the court.

The impact happened after Teague was fouled in the air by Lafayette’s Michael Hoffman.  The hit gave Teague, in the words of Seton Hall head coach Kevin Willard, a “really bad concussion,” and it was a tense and quiet 14 minutes before Teague was taken off the court on a stretcher, at which time the audience erupted in a standing ovation.

The good news is, despite the horrifying nature of Gene Teague’s concussion, he’s reported to be out of the hospital after an overnight stay for observation, according to Seton Hall basketball reporter J.P. Pelzman:

That certainly is great news, and news you might be a little skeptical about when you watch video of the injury below. It gives me a headache just watching it, so I can only imagine how Gene Teague must have felt.

Here’s the video:

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