The Bears Handed the Packers These Two Touchdowns and the NFC North Title (GIFs)

jarrett boykin fumble td

The scenario heading into Sunday’s week 17 match-up between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears was pretty straightforward: the winner earns the NFC North title and home-field advantage in the first round of the playoffs, while the loser is reduced to watching the post-season on their televisions.

After 60 minutes of play, that scenario would sort itself out in a rather dramatic fashion, and the Packers would come away with the win at Soldier Field; however, there are those who will argue that the Packers didn’t win this game, but rather, the Bears lost it.

You see, there were several moments during the game when the Bears seemed to be in control of things, only to watch that control slip away as a result of some very costly mental mistakes.

The first came in the second quarter.  With the Bears leading by a score of 7-3 and the Packers driving, it appeared as though Chicago’s Julius Peppers had forced Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to fumble the ball.  But with most of the players on both teams having given up on the play because the believed it was an incomplete pass, Green Bay’s Jarrett Boykin was able to pick up the live ball and walk into the end zone untouched for the touchdown and a 10-7 Packers lead.

Check it out:

Despite that gift of a touchdown, the Bears would manage to regain the lead, but with just 38 seconds remaining and the score 28-27 in favor of Chicago, this happened:

That would be Randall Cobb getting open in the Bears’ secondary for a 48-yard, game-winning, division-clinching touchdown.

With that, the final score would read 33-28 in favor of the Packers, but you tell me: Did the Packers really win this game, or did the Bears just lose it?



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