Georgia Tech Fake Punt Ends Disastrously (GIF)

Georgia Tech Fake Punt

Football has often been likened to open warfare, as two teams square off to invade the other’s territory and so forth. Well, if you want to extend the combat metaphor to this fake punt by Georgia Tech from yesterday’s Music City Bowl, it was the equivalent of accidentally throwing the firing pin out of your grenade and blowing yourself up.

To put it more specifically, the Yellow Jackets tried a fake punt on 4th-and-11 against Ole Miss. It wasn’t a bad play on paper, but in practice it was sorely lacking, as punter Sean Poole tripped and fell before even making it to the line of scrimmage, handing the Rebels the ball on downs.

In the ensuing drive, Ole Miss ended up missing a field goal, but I imagine that was pretty cold comfort for Georgia Tech fans as they ended up losing the game, 25-17. But at least they have the memory of the time Georgia Tech completely botched a fake punt to pass on to future generations, and no one can take that away from them.

If you’d like to refresh your memory, the whole thing has been captured in GIF form below. Sometimes running is a lot harder than punting.

Georgia Tech Fake Punt May Be the Worst Attempt Ever

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