Heat’s Norris Cole Falls and Smashes His Face on the Court (Video)

 Norris Cole face smash

One tough thing about basketball is that there just isn’t any give in that hardwood floor. Norris Cole of the Miami Heat learned this firsthand (or should I say “firstface”?) during last night’s game between the Heat and the Denver Nuggets in Denver.

Cole was already feeling some pressure during the game as he was brought in after halftime to replace Dwyane Wade, who was suffering from back spasms and couldn’t return after the first half.

And now Cole has his own injury to deal with after landing right on his face following an awkward fall after a layup. Following the spill, Cole remained face-down on the court for several minutes, conscious but clearly in a great deal of pain.

You can see the whole thing, starting with Norris Cole getting fouled by Ty Lawson and taking a nasty-looking fall, in the video below. As you can see, he was eventually helped to the locker room where he was treated for injuries. And according to a recent report (which you can check out here), he broke his nose pretty seriously and may need to wear a face mask when he returns to the court.

Here’s the video:

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