Memphis Grizzlies Draft 8-Year-Old for Make-A-Wish Foundation

Memphis Grizzlies Draft Charvis Brewer

In previous eras, getting drafted was no one’s idea of a wish come true. But times have changed, and now drafts are pretty much the exclusive domain of sports teams like the Memphis Grizzlies, who (along with the Make-A-Wish Foundation) used their drafting powers for an unusually good cause, drafting 8-year-old Charvis Brewer to the team.

Brewer is suffering cerebral palsy, and made a wish to be drafted by an NBA team, and the Grizzlies stepped forward, making Brewer the youngest draftee in all 67 years of the National Basketball Association. And he even got to take a tour of the Grizzlies’ locker room, as well as cheering on the team during practice. And not just cheering, according to Charvis’ father (via):

“If they make a bad mistake, he’ll call them out, you know. He’ll tell’em (sic) to get back and do right. Coach’ll pull out the wrong person, he’ll call him out and say ‘No, you took the wrong one out, put the right one back in.'”

Clearly, the decision to draft 8-year-old Charvis Brewer to the Memphis Grizzlies was a great one that can make everyone in that organization proud of doing something worthwhile with their positions on an NBA team. And since there’s probably some good feeling leftover, you can feel good too by checking out the tweet below from the official Grizzlies Twitter account:


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