New York Jets Players Celebrate Rex Ryan’s Return (Video + GIF)

Jets Celebrating Rex Ryan's Return

I’ve never been on a professional football team before, but I imagine that in at least one way it’s a lot like any other job—you’ve got some bosses that you like more than others. And if the sight of the New York Jets celebrating head coach Rex Ryan‘s return for another season is to be believed, he’s definitely one of the bosses that they like.

The announcement was made by Jets owner Woody Johnson in the Jets’ locker room in advance of the news being made public. And it must have made him feel good to see his decision met with such enthusiasm on the part of the team (not to mention Rex Ryan himself, who probably felt pretty good too).

You can see the Jets players celebrate Rex Ryan’s return for next season from two different angles below, one as a video and another as a GIF.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the GIF:

The Jets Find Out Rex Ryan Isn't Fired, Are Overcome With Joy

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