Bryce Petty Scored a Pretty Ridiculous Touchdown Yesterday in the Fiesta Bowl (GIFs)

bryce petty flip

Neither the University of Central Florida Knights nor the Baylor Bears had ever played in a BCS bowl until this year, the last of the BCS era. So yesterday’s Fiesta Bowl would have had a pretty good storyline, even if the game wasn’t an epic shootout between two offensive juggernauts.

Of course, as you probably know, the 2014 Fiesta Bowl was an epic shootout between two offensive juggernauts. And in the end, it was Blake Bortles (a.k.a. the guy with the really hot cheerleader girlfriend) and #15 UCF that came out on top with a 52-42 upset over Bryce Petty and #6 Baylor.

However, while Bortles may have been the one who ended up with the BCS bowl victory on his resume, it was Petty who gave us the highlight of the game. In the second quarter, with Baylor down 21-13, Petty went head-over-heels for the second of his three rushing touchdowns.

bryce petty touchdown

bryce petty touchdown

Yep, that was pretty badass. Even Baylor’s most famous football alum, Robert Griffin III, was impressed:

rgiii reacts to bryce petty touchdown

Bryce, you may have lost the game, but at least you’ll have this story to tell your grandchildren.

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