Cody Zeller Starts Off 2014 With Terrible Missed Dunk (GIF)

Cody Zeller Misses Dunk

Hopefully your 2014 hasn’t had any major missteps yet, especially since we’re only on the second day and all. But unfortunately, there’s one member of the Charlotte Bobcats who can’t make any such claim.  That member is Cody Zeller, who had an already-bad New Year’s Eve turn worse when he missed an open slam dunk during a New Year’s Day game between the Bobcats and the Los Angeles Clippers.

But before we get to the missed dunk (although, to be truthful, there’s not much else to it), let’s settle the question you might be asking about why Cody Zeller had such a bad New Year’s Eve. I didn’t make that up myself. Rather, it comes straight from Zeller’s Twitter:

That sound you heard last night was me sighing really loudly after reading that. Anyway, to make matters worse, he had a clear shot at a New Year’s redemption dunk and ended up smashing the ball into the rim instead. Does this make Cody Zeller the Charlie Brown of basketball?

In case you missed it, the folks at SB Nation cooked up a pretty funny GIF of LeBron James “reacting” to Zeller’s missed dunk below. No word yet on James’ reaction to Zeller striking out on New Year’s Eve, though.

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