Stanford’s Marching Band Got Weird at the Rose Bowl (GIF)

Stanford Band at the Rose Bowl

In case you’re not up on your university marching bands, you should know that the Stanford University marching band (or “Stanford Band” for short) is known for their irreverent antics on the field. So their performance at the 2013 Rose Bowl was actually kind of restrained by their standards, but still worth reporting on here.

The Stanford Band was seen during yesterday’s Rose Bowl game between the Stanford Cardinal and the Wisconsin Badgers with a skateboard, “HUMP” sign, and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink…

…No, scratch that, they had a kitchen sink, too. And, as you can see in the image above, they managed to form the Snapchat logo, of all things, during their performance.

You can also see a GIF of “The World’s Largest Rock and Roll Band” in action during yesterday’s Rose Bowl game below. And if this is your first exposure to the Stanford Band, you might want to check out a list of their greatest hits here. As you can see, this could have been a lot worse/better.


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