The World Series of Beer Pong Actually Exists (Video)

Beer Pong

What does it take for an event to get a World Series? Are there forms to fill out, signatures to collect, bribes to be passed? Well, whatever has to be done, the Beer Pong people have done it.  In fact, they did it back in 2006, when the inaugural World Series of Beer Pong took place.

Since then, the World Series of Beer Pong has ballooned to a huge Las Vegas event, with $65,000 in cash and prizes going to the winner of last year’s tournament, and a comparable purse is on the line this year. It’s all happening now through January 5th at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, but unfortunately you have to go there in person to see the action because it’s not a televised event as of yet; however, I’m sure it ‘s just a matter of time before it becomes one.

You can get a pretty good idea of what to expect from the 2014 World Series of Beer Pong by watching the video below, which helpfully recaps the previous Series in less than two and a half minutes. And for much more information on the World Series of Beer Pong, you can check out the event’s official online home here.

Here’s the video:

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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