A.J. McCarron’s Alabama Career Ended with a Fumble, Sack, and Touchdown…and Katherine Webb Couldn’t Watch (GIFs)

katherine webb horrified

The Alabama Crimson Tide and quarterback A.J. McCarron had a pretty okay run. From September 3, 2011, to November 23, 2013, the team lost just one game and won two national championships. McCarron, for his part, was the first quarterback to win back-to-back titles since Tommie Frazier in 1994-95, and he was the Heisman runner-up in 2013.

Oh, and let’s not forget that his girlfriend became a d-list celebrity because Brent Musburger thought she was hot.

So like I said, they had a good run. But all good things come to an end. And if the beginning of the end for McCarron and company was that ridiculous 100-yard field goal return by Auburn in the Iron Bowl, the end of the end was this fumble and subsequent touchdown that sealed Oklahoma’s victory over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last night:

mccarron fumble

Alabama was only down by a touchdown last night with a minute left in the fourth quarter, and they had the ball. The odds were against them, since they were deep in their own territory, but they had a shot. Then McCarron fumbled, the Sooners recovered, and Bama was dethroned.

Poor Katherine Webb was horrified!

katherine webb reacts in horror

Anyway, now that we’re all done with A.J. McCarron and Katherine Webb, Musberger wants to know: does Sugar Bowl hero Trevor Knight have a really hot girlfriend?

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