Let’s All Watch Andrea Bargnani Be Terrible…Again (GIF)

andrea bargnani running in circles

A few weeks ago I wrote a few posts about the New York Knicks and how they are really, really bad. The second of those posts focused on Andrea Bargnani, and at the end I suggested we should start an ongoing series of posts called “Why the Knicks Suck.”

Well, guess who stars in this week’s installment? Yep, it’s Bargnani again. This guy is so very bad at basketball.

Just look at his stellar defense last night against San Antonio. The dude was running around in circles. It’s like he had no clue who his man was, or whether the Knicks were even playing man-to-man or zone.

Check it out:

bargnani lol terrible defense

Normally I hate it when people set sports clips to the Benny Hill theme song, but this is the rare case where I think it is actually appropriate. Just look at the man. He has absolutely no clue what he is doing.

It’s actually hard to believe the Knicks won this game.

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