Dwyane Wade Misses the Wide Open Layup (GIF)

Dwyane Wade Misses Open Layup

I imagine that one of the most annoying things about being a professional athlete, especially one with the fame and status of Dwyane Wade, is having a bunch of doughy sportswriters and fans call your missed shots “easy,” when a lot of them would be hard-pressed to make 1 out of 3 free throws. But even considering that, the wide open layup Wade missed during last night’s game between the Miami Heat and the Golden State Warriors was pretty remarkable.

I won’t be too hard on Wade, though, since this is probably the same principle in action that causes 90% of car accidents to happen within five miles of your house—he thought he had it in the bag, so he just tossed the ball without focusing. Hence, the missed layup, and ultimately, a 123-114 loss for Miami.

If you’d like to live vicariously through an NBA superstar like Dwyane Wade and find out what the sweet sting of failure tastes like, just check out the GIF of his botched wide-open layup below. But try to remember that “easy” in situations like this is a relative term.

Here’s the GIF:


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