Videobombing Fail: Red Wings Fan Gets Taken Out by Icy Patch at Winter Classic (Video)

red wings fan videobomb fail

Nothing turns an otherwise normal adult into a moron faster than a television camera. Oh sure, booze will do the job alright. But it takes, what, at least a half hour or so for even the strongest libations to affect one’s mental capacity? Meanwhile, all you have to do it point a video camera in the general direction of a full-grown adult male and he’ll become a 12-year-old in an instant. Pretty much any time you see a reporter doing a live shot at a sporting event, you see somebody sticking their goofy face in the background.

Of course, the severity of the videobombing varies. If the person isn’t drunk, he or she will usually just make a dumb face and that will be the end of it. However, if the person has had a few adult beverages, they’ll be a little more obnoxious.

Fortunately, every once in a while, the viewers at home get to see the idiots get their comeuppance. There was, for example, the drunk Niners fan who got totally owned by the journalist doing a report from New Orleans’ French Quarter. And now there’s this idiot Red Wings fan getting owned by Mother Nature outside the Winter Classic the other day:

In the words of the immortal Nelson Muntz…ha ha!

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