Pro MMA Fighter Foils Home Invasion, Killing One Man and Sending Another to the Hospital

joe torrez mma fighter kills intruder

Pro MMA fighter Joe Torrez of Las Cruces, New Mexico, does not have a very good record. According to Sherdog, the 155-pound lightweight is just 1-5.

Don’t tell that to the four men who broke into his house, though. One of them is dead—yes, dead—another is in the hospital with severe facial injuries, and the other two ran away rather than suffer similar fates. So as far as they’re concerned, Joe Torrez is the lighweight champion of the world.

It all went down in the wee hours of the morning on New Year’s Day. Torrez was at home with his fiancée, their two-year-old son, his fiancée’s sister, and another female, when four men forced their way into the house. One was armed with some sort of wooden shank, and the other grabbed a knife from the kitchen. However, Torrez fought them off and apparently stabbed one of them to death.

Sounds like an amazing story, right? MMA fighter protects his home and family with his MMA skills and teaches bad guys a lesson?

Well, unfortunately, it might not be that simple. Authorities say they haven’t decided yet who’s going to end up being charged with what.

Obviously, the home intruders are going to be charged with something. They were gang members out on parole anyway. But while it is unclear exactly why they invaded Torrez’s home, it doesn’t look like a random occurrence. One of the intruders told authorities that some “previous altercation” led to the incident. Also, Torrez’s lawyer said his fiancée’s sister was “jumped” before coming to the home, and that Torrez received a phone call in which somebody said, “I’ll kill you and your family…I’ll go to your house.”

Of course, none of that does anything to prove Torrez was in the wrong for defending his family. It’s still quite possible and even likely that he acted well within his rights. But it does open up the possibility that there were some other illegal dealings involved in the situation. In fact, Torrez’s lawyer believes authorities are looking to file charges against his client, which has in turn sparked a “Support Joe Torrez” effort spearheaded by his gym, Jackson’s MMA of Albuquerque. So stay tuned.

In any case, one thing is clear: don’t mess with an MMA fighter’s family.

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