Packers Fan Has Total Meltdown, Disowns Team Because Colin Kaepernick Got a First Down (Video)

packers fan meltdown

Hey, we’ve all been there, right? Your team loses a big game in a frustrating fashion, and you just completely lose your sh*t. Just a few hours earlier you were a relatively well-adjusted human being, but now you’re completely irrational and spewing expletives like there’s no tomorrow. It happens to the best of us—or at least, it’s happened to me.

That being said, though I live in a glass house, I’m not above throwing stones. So yeah, I’m going to make fun of this Packers dude.

I mean yes, it sucked that the Packers lost to the 49ers this past Sunday on a last-second field goal. Any loyal cheesehead would have expected his team to beat a team from California on a -5º day at Lambeau. Still, the guy in this video starts acting like the Packers are the Cleveland Browns or something, talking about how he’s “done with this sh*t” until the Packers clean house and stop sucking.

Um, dude. They made the playoffs this year despite Aaron Rodgers missing seven weeks with an injury. And they just won the damn Super Bowl like three years ago. Relax.

I love how he tears off his t-shirt, then puts on a cardigan before calmly removing all Packers paraphernalia from his mancave. He’s like a deranged Mr. Rogers.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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