Actress Michelle Rodriguez and Model Cara Delevingne Were Sloppy Drunk and Making Out at the Knicks Game (Photos)

What else is there to do at a New York Knicks game these days besides getting heavily intoxicated, making out with female models, and smoking an e-cigarette?

If your answer to that question was, “not much,” congratulations!  You and Michelle Rodriguez must think alike, as the Fast and the Furious actress was seen doing all of the above with model Cara Delevingne while sitting courtside at last night’s game between the New York Knicks and the Detroit Pistons.

If the television cameras had focused on Rodriguez and Delevingne for most of the contest, rather than the action (and I use that term loosely) taking place on the court, most of us probably would have watched the entire game.  But they didn’t, so we didn’t.

Lucky for us, we still get to see all of the real action that was taking place on the sidelines between these two women, thanks to the above photos from the New York Post.

I wonder if this sort of thing will get Rodriguez and Delevingne banned from all future Knicks games, or if it will earn them a set of courtside season tickets, instead.  I guess the Knickerbockers’ front office can go either way with this one.

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