Minor Hockey Player’s Failed Cheap Shot Results in Hilarity (GIF + Video)

Instant Hockey Karma

I think it was John Harington who said, “cheaters never prosper, for if they prosper, who dare call them cheaters?” Anyway, it was something like that. And here we have the other side of that equation, as this minor hockey player tries to get in a hit after the whistle, only to smash into the boards instead.

The junior hockey player/amateur Wile E. Coyote impersonator in red is playing for his Utah high school, and he ends up getting pancaked by the boards after his would-be target casually steps off to the side. It’s a pretty satisfying moment, all the more so because of the fact that the target didn’t even have to move away quickly for it to happen.  Rather, he just kind of shifts a step over to avoid the hit.  A skilled slapstick choreographer couldn’t have planned this thing any better.

You can check out the hilarious moment in the animated GIF below, and there’s also a YouTube video in which you can hear the crowd’s response.

Let this be a lesson to all bad sportsmen out there: Eventually, if you continue your ways, you’ll just end up humiliating yourself. Hopefully.

Here’s the GIF:

Hockey Player's Attempted Cheap Shot Goes Terribly Wrong

And here’s the video, appropriately titled “Instant Hockey Karma”:

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