Watch This Seahawks Superfan Transform into the “SeaHulk” (Video)


Regular viewers of the Seattle Seahawks’ home games are probably familiar with The Seahulk, a muscular green guy who for legal reasons cannot be described as “incredible,” “amazing,” “uncanny,” or “invincible,” which is a shame, since the makeup process he goes through before each game definitely qualifies him for those adjectives and more.

That process is shown in full detail in a new video from the Seattle Times. Luckily for viewers, it condenses the three-hour process that transforms former bodybuilder Tim Froemke into The Seahulk into a short 46 seconds through the magic of time-lapse photography.

Three hours of makeup before every Seattle Seahawks home game, followed by at least another three hours in the stands wearing the stuff?  That right there is one serious commitment. And Froemke is refreshingly ego-free in his willingness to have fake muscles painted onto him, especially considering the fact that he used to be a bodybuilder.

You can watch mild-mannered Tim Froemke’s metamorphosis into The Seahulk, painted-on muscles and all, in the video below.  And remember, kids: Gamma radiation is not a toy.

Here’s the video:

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