Yasiel Puig Gets Arrested for Speeding While Wearing Pink Shorts (Video)

yasiel puig arrested for speeding in pink shorts

Many of us were already aware of the fact that Los Angeles Dodgers super-rookie Yasiel Puig was arrested in Florida on December 28 after his white Mercedes-Benz was clocked going 110 mph down the I-75.  What we weren’t aware of, however, was the fact that Puig was wearing some funky-looking pink shorts at the time.

Well, now we are aware of that fact, as well as the fact that Puig’s mother and a friend were also in the car at the time, thanks to the following police dash-cam footage of the arrest.

The only question remaining is whether or not Puig will also be charged by the Florida Fashion Police for those pink shorts, in addition to the obvious speeding and reckless driving charges he likely faces with the Florida Highway Patrol.

Here’s a shortened clip of the arrest:

And here it is in its entirety:

Hat Tip – [Yahoo! Sports]

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