Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders Go Ziplining Over Stadium…Because The Mascot Told Them To (Video)

jaguars cheerleader ziplining over stadium

At every single Jacksonville Jaguars home game, team mascot Jaxson de Ville (get it?) jumps off a 200-foot light tower and ziplines over the crowd. It is literally the only good thing that ever happens at EverBank Field.

Of course, the Jaguars aren’t in the playoffs this year, because they are the Jaguars. But Jaxson doesn’t want to stop ziplining. So he recently recruited a couple of women from the Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR cheerleaders to jump off the light tower with him.

Would video of that be something that would interest you? Of course it would, because cheerleaders! But you know what is even better than the video itself? The video of Fox News spending an entire segment on it and conducting a very awkward interview with one of the cheerleaders.

Take a look at this hard-hitting journalism, folks:

So painful to watch, and yet so amazing.

Nice work, Fox News.

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