Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman Stars in “Trust Your Power” Duracell Ad (Video)

Derrick Coleman Duracell ad

The Seattle Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman has had a tougher road to the NFL than most, having been deaf since he was three years old. That means he’s been dependent on electronic hearing aids for the majority of his life.  But as he says in this pretty awesome Duracell ad, when people told him this would prevent him from becoming an NFL player, his response was, “I’ve been deaf since I was three, so I didn’t listen.”

The ad is called “Trust Your Power,” and features Coleman narrating a brief overview of his unlikely path to NFL stardom, from childhood up to today. And it’s as skilled as TV commercials come.  I suspect that there were even some Saints fans pulling for Coleman during yesterday’s NFC Divisional Round game—it must have helped, too, since the Seahawks came out on top.

You can watch Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks and Duracell’s “Trust Your Power” TV spot below, and expect to see it during commercial breaks on a TV near you if you haven’t already. Fair warning: It will probably have you going for Duracell the next time you need batteries, if for no other reason than to support Coleman.

Here’s the video:

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