Ohio State Point Guard Aaron Craft Runs Over a Cheerleader (Video)

Aaron Craft Running Into Cheerleader

Aaron Craft, point guard for the Ohio State Buckeyes, had an unfortunate encounter with one of his school’s cheerleaders recently. It happened during yesterday’s game between Ohio State and the Iowa Hawkeyes, with Craft giving 110% in an effort to save a ball that was headed out of bounds. Instead, it didn’t work out, and an Ohio State cheerleader ended up unwittingly giving 110% too.

After this awkward collision between Aaron Craft and a cheerleader, it’s possible that Ohio State cheerleaders will start wearing helmets and pads during Buckeye games. The video cuts off very shortly after impact, but hopefully she’s okay and able to cheer another day (perhaps a little farther from the court next time).

Speaking of the video, you can watch Aaron Craft accidentally leveling a cheerleader from his very own school while chasing down a ball below. And, incidentally, the Buckeyes ended up losing to Iowa 84—74.  Sorry, Ohio State Cheerleader, but your sacrifice was in vain.

Here’s the video:

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