Philip Rivers Was Throwing Tantrums Left and Right During the Chargers’ Loss to the Broncos (GIFs)

philip rivers reacts to loss

The San Diego Chargers outplayed the Denver Broncos in the fourth quarter yesterday. However, you usually don’t win a playoff game by outplaying a team for just one quarter, so in the end they fell one touchdown short of handing Peyton Manning and company their second straight humiliating playoff upset.

How did Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers handle the loss? Well, for a guy known for throwing hissy fits on the field, he certainly…handled it pretty much exactly how you’d expect.

Here he is flipping out because his center didn’t snap the god**mn ball fast enough:

philip rivers hissy fit

rivers tantrum 1

And here he is stomping and cussing and kicking the dirt and…getting mocked by Broncos DE Robert Ayers:

rivers tantrum 2

Oh, and last but not least, here is Rivers reacting on the sideline after Manning and the Broncos’ offense converted yet another third-down to pretty much ice the game:

philip rivers reacts to loss

Poor Phil. I guess his lucky bolo tie lost it’s mojo.

philip rivers lucky bolo tie

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