Aston Villa’s Nathan Barker Gets Knocked Out Cold by Ball to the Face (GIF)

nathan barker injury 2

Baseball players are not supposed to get hit in the head by baseballs, nor are hockey players supposed to get hit in the head by hockey pucks. These things happen of course, so players take necessary precautions. But getting hit in the head is never part of the plan.

That’s not the case in soccer. In soccer, you’re supposed to hit the ball with your head. In fact, depending on your height and position, that might be the only reason a team keeps you on—to hit the ball with your head. So you don’t necessarily expect a player getting hit in the head to be a big deal.

Of course, the fact is it can be a big deal. A ball weighs between 14 and 16 ounces, and professionals can kick them anywhere from 70 to 90 mph. So you don’t have to be a physics expert to realize that, at close range, taking a ball straight to your head can do a lot of damage.

And that brings us to Aston Villa’s Nathan Barker. During last night’s game against Arsenal, he took a point blank blast from Serge Gnabry right to the head that knocked him out cold.

And yes, I mean all the way out. It was actually pretty terrifying. Reports vary as to how long he was unconscious, but he had to be given oxygen on the field and was then carried off on a stretcher.

Take a look:

nathan barker injury

nathan barker injury 2

nathan barker injury 2

Can you say concussion? Let’s just hope Barker makes a full and speedy recovery.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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