Cristiano Ronaldo Cries Like a Baby as He Accepts FIFA’s Ballon d’Or Award (Video)

cristiano ronaldo crying ballon d'or 2014 acceptance speech

Portugese soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is a hard man to like. And by “hard man to like” I mean I actually cannot stand the guy because he seems like such a d-bag. However, yesterday Ronaldo deservedly won FIFA’s “prestigious” Ballon d’Or award, which Lionel Messi has owned the last four years. And when he went up on stage to accept the trophy and make a speech, he started blubbering like a baby.

Now, there is certainly plenty of room to be cynical here. One could say that the problem with this guy is that he prizes his own individual success above that of his team, and he’s crying because being named the best player in the world is more important to him than, say, winning the World Cup for his country. And this is a real possibility. But I’m going to go the other route. For once, Ronaldo looked like a regular human being, with emotions and feelings and parents who love him.

I have to admit, I actually hate him a little less now. Take a look:

Did you see his proud momma? Totally adorable.

Still, though…how ridiculous was that pinky ring?

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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