The 9 Best NFL Playoff Rivalries

best nfl playoff rivalries

This weekend, NFL fans will be treated to two amazing Conference Championship Games. In the NFC it’s the NFL’s newest rivalry—and currently it’s best—with Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks hosting Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers. Meanwhile, in the AFC, it’s Tom Brady and the New England Patriots vs. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos—perhaps better known as Brady-Manning XV.

Two great matchups? You bet. Two great rivalries? Absolutely. But are they among the best playoff rivalries in NFL history? No way—or at least, not yet. There’s definitely a lot of potential here. Brady and Manning are both getting old, but if both stay healthy there’s no reason to think we couldn’t see a rematch between the Pats and Broncos next year. Meanwhile, Wilson and Kaepernick look like they’re going to be foes for the next decade, so this could very well be the start of something really special. But this will actually be the first ever playoff meeting between the Niners and Seahawks.

So what are currently the best NFL playoff rivalries? You’re about to find out. Click on those arrows and we’ll get started.


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