The 12 New Events at the 2014 Winter Olympics


Pretty much every time the Olympics roll around there seem to be a few new events. However, at the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi there will actually be a record 12 new events, making them the biggest Winter Games ever.

What are these new events? Well, there are three new mixed events, four new men’s events, and five new women’s events. None of them are particularly strange—except maybe to Bob Costas—but are rather variations of sports we already know and love. We’re going to give you the complete rundown in a moment. Don’t be confused by how they are numbered, either. Eight of the new events have a men’s and a women’s category, so we’ve condensed them to four, bringing the total number down from 12 to eight. Technically, though, there are still 12 new events.

However, before taking a look at the new medal sports, let’s start things off with a quick look at a few Olympic wannabe sports that got rejected by the IOC this time around, shall we?


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