Paul George Scores 31 Points, Gets Wet Willy from His Teammates (GIF)

paul george gets wet willy

Sometimes the difference between a winning team and a losing team is simply knowing when to clown around and when to be serious. The Knicks’ J.R. Smith? Now there’s a guy who just has no clue. The Indiana Pacers, meanwhile, have found a balance. They are all business on the court during the game, but afterward they know how to lighten things up and have some fun.

Such was the case last night, after the Pacers squashed the Kings to climb three games ahead of the Heat in the East with a record of 30-7. Small forward Paul George had another terrific game, going 10 for 18 from the floor with 31 points and a +19 rating. So, naturally, it was time for George’s teammates to celebrate…by giving the guy a wet willy during his postgame interview.

paul george wet willy

Gross, yes. But you don’t want anybody getting too cocky, either. And it’s obviously working for Indiana right now, so keep the pranks coming.

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