Jameer Nelson Did the ‘Onions’ Dance Last Night, So His Next Paycheck Is Going to Be a Little Bit Smaller (GIFs)

jameer nelson onions dance

The NBA has made is pretty clear that they do not want players doing the famous “onions” celebratory dance first introduced by Sam Cassell, because apparently they don’t think pretending you have giant testicles constitutes wholesome family entertainment.

For the uninitiated, Cassell’s onions dance was basically a rip off of the “marbles” scene in Major League 2, when Pedro Cerano hit a home run and then celebrated by pretending he was holding his huge family jewels.

cerano marlbles major league 2

That, obviously, was one of the greatest scenes in the history of modern cinema, so at some point Cassell started doing it when he hit a big shot—only he referred to his pretend oversized jewels as onions instead of marbles.

sam cassell onions dance

Now fast-forward to the 2012-13 season. The Chicago Bulls’ Marco Belinelli did the onions dance after draining a huge three-pointer back in May, and the league fined him $15,000. Then, just this past November, during the current NBA season, the Nets’ Andray Blatche did it, and he also got fined $15,000.

At this point, therefore, you would think players might say, “You know what? This celebration dance is probably not worth $15,000.”

But no. Last night against the Bulls, Jameer Nelson of the Orlando Magic hit a game-tying bucket with 11 seconds left to send the game to overtime. And he decided, what the hell, it’s onions time.


Don’t be surprised when you’re next paycheck is a little smaller than usual, Jameer. I hope you can still afford to put food on the table.

I also hope it was worth it, considering your team still ended up losing in triple overtime.

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