Washington Wizards Mock Fans Wearing Miami Heat Gear by Putting them on the “Bandwagon Cam” (Pics)

wizards heat bandwagon cam 1

When you looked at the NBA schedule this week and saw the Miami Heat playing an away game against the Washington Wizards, you probably didn’t think anything of it. The Wizards aren’t as putrid this year as we’re used to. In fact, with a winning percentage of .472 heading into the game, they were actually tied for fifth place in the lousy Eastern Conference. Still, they aren’t “good” by any stretch of the imagination, so there was no reason whatsoever to look forward to their matchup against LeBron James and the defending NBA Champions.

However, as it turns out, last night’s Heat-Wizards game was actually quite eventful. For starters, the Wizards won quite handily, sending Miami to its third straight loss at the hands of a crappy opponent. And there was also the fact that Greg Oden played his first NBA game in over four years…without breaking.

But the most amazing thing about the Heat-Wizards game last night? That would be the Bandwagon Cam at the Verizon Center.

What is the Bandwagon Cam, you ask? That would be when the folks up in the A/V booth put people in Miami Heat gear up on the jumbotron so everyone else could make fun of them for being total posers.

Check it out:

wizards heat bandwagon cam 1

wizards heat bandwagon cam 2

Is it possible that these people really are longtime Heat fans? Of course it is. Is it likely? No.

Of course, as it turns out, the Wizards are not the first team to mock supposed Heat fans in this manner. I’m not sure if the Bulls originated the practice, but they were definitely doing it back in December:

bulls heat bandwagon cam

Now, if only somebody would put this guy on a bandwagon cam.

Hat Tip – [Washington Wizards]

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