13 Reasons Why You Really Should Hate Every Team Playing for the Super Bowl This Weekend

reasons why you should hate the 49ers seahawks patriots broncos

Normally when your team gets eliminated from the NFL playoffs, whether it’s during the regular season or the postseason, you mull things over for a few weeks and then pick which team you’re going to root for the rest of the way. But tat’s dumb. Don’t do that. Instead, pick which team you hate most and root against them.

Need some help? Well, this list of reasons why you should hate the Broncos, 49ers, Patriots, and Seahawks should do the trick.

Am I just trolling fans of the four remaining teams to piss them off and get a lot of clicks? No, I’m not only doing that. I’m also pandering to every bitter NFL fan (like me) who’s team didn’t even sniff the conference championship games.

But enough of the semantics. Let’s get the show on the road because, yeah, this hater’s gonna hate.

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