Niners and Seahawks Fans Are Finally Putting Their Rivalry to Good Use by Raising Money for Charity

niners got lombardis billboard in seattle

In case you haven’t noticed, 49ers fans and Seahawks fans just can’t stop talking trash about each other. This week alone we’ve seen some Seattle fans trash Colin Kaepernick for being a bit of a d-bag, some San Francisco fans’ response, and then a Seattle radio show pranking a Niners fan by telling her they’d cancelled her tickets to this weekend’s NFC Championship Game. It’s enough to make a perfectly sane sports blogger hit caps lock and type something like “EVERYBODY STFU ALREADY!!!”

Luckily, today there’s some news that will dampen all the rage we’re all feeling toward Niners and Seahawks fans. It seems that, finally, some classy people have decided to put this rivalry to good use by starting a contest to see which fan base can donate more money to a worthy charity in the other’s city. Seattleites are donating dough to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, while San Franciscans are pumping cash into Seattle Children’s Hospital.

This whole thing started back in December, when some Niners fans raised money to rent a billboard in Seattle taunting the locals and then decided to donate the additional funds to a local charity. Now an anonymous 49ers fan has vowed to match donations to each charity up to $100,000, and the two football organizations have followed suit. So that means every buck donated is actually four.

Way to make your rivalry constructive, guys. I actually hate you all a little bit less now.

If you want to see who’s winning or maybe donate a few bucks yourself, you can check out the Seahawks donation page here and the 49ers donation page here. At time of writing, the Seahawks fans are pulling away from the Niners fans a bit, leading $29,247 to $18,063.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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