Serge Ibaka Blocked Dwight Howard, then Gave Him the Mutombo Finger Wag (GIF)

serge ibaka mutumbo finger wag

Last night against Oklahoma City, the Houston Rockets made history. Unfortunately for Rockets fans, it was not the good kind of history.

After scoring a whopping 73 points in the first half, hitting 12 three-pointers, and taking a 14-point lead into halftime, the Rockets came out and scored 10 points in the third quarter and just nine points in the fourth and lost the game 104-92.

Those 19 points? They were the second-lowest second half total in NBA history. And the disparity between Houston’s first half total and second half total—a whopping 54 points–was a new NBA record.

So how did the Thunder shut the Rockets down in the second half? Well, they completely took away the three pointer, for one. And for two, Serge Ibaka had three of his five blocks in the second half, including this one on a Dwight Howard layup attempt early in the third quarter:

Talk about setting the tone! No wonder Iblocka busted out the old Dikembe Mutombo finger wag. I would have, too.

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