Tom Brady’s (Faux) Text Inbox Blew Up After Losing AFC Championship

Twitter humorist @FauxJohnMadden took his imagination on a faraway journey after witnessing the Patriots lose the AFC Championship game to the Broncos on Sunday (he does this kind of thing a lot—you can check out one of his previous mock conversations here).

Tom Brady’s inbox probably didn’t look too different from the one postulated by the false Madden, as it includes a consolatory messages from girlfriend Gisele Bündchen. Where it (probably) departs from reality is with the other, less sympathetic texts, from characters like Roger Goodell, David Ortiz, Wes Welker, and the Manning brothers.

You can take a look at Tom Brady’s texts following the Patriots’ loss against the Broncos below. And if you start to feel sorry for Brady, just remember that he’s used to being humiliated in public. And if you’re interested in more football-related tomfoolery like this, take a look at more of Faux John Madden’s work here.

Tom Brady Text Inbox

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