Peyton Manning ‘LIKE A BOSS!’ During Confetti Shower (GIF)

Peyton Manning with Confetti

Very few of us ever get to experience torrents of confetti raining down from the sky in our honor. And if it does happen, it’s a cinch that most people would have a hard time containing their excitement and would start giggling like a moron and thus negating the cool gesture of having confetti raining down around you. But Peyton Manning isn’t most people, as his straight face in the presence of confetti raining down from the heavens is sufficient proof of that.

Peyton Manning’s coolness during the Broncos’ victory celebration on Sunday can be interpreted another way: he’s not done yet. His resolve in getting another Super Bowl ring should help him bring his A-game against the Seahawks during the Super Bowl, which should in turn be good news for everybody watching the game.

The other good news here is that we on the internet have another Peyton Manning GIF that can be used in all sorts of situations. Just announced your engagement on Facebook? Peyton Manning with confetti. Got a promotion? Peyton Manning with confetti. Want to look at an animated GIF of Peyton Manning with confetti? You get the idea.

Here’s the GIF, for your viewing and re-contextualizing pleasure:

As Confetti Rains Down, Peyton Manning Looks Stoic Like a Boss

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