Peyton Manning Uses “Fat Man” Call at Line of Scrimmage (Video)

Peyton Manning

Of all the quarterbacks in the NFL, Peyton Manning is the one who gets the most attention for his play calls on the field. Last week it was “Omaha,” but there was a better one during Sunday’s game against the Patriots: “Fat Man.”

Why is “Fat Man” a better call than “Omaha?” Well, once I get over my amazement that I even have to answer that question, I will…

…Okay, I’m over it: “Fat Man” is a hilarious phrase. The only time “Omaha” ever makes anyone laugh is when it answers the question, “Where should I go on vacation?” As for endorsement opportunities, they practically make themselves—imagine Peyton Manning getting a few thousand bucks from “Fat Man’s BBQ” every time he says it.

Anyway, you don’t have to take my word for it that Peyton Manning has been leaning heavily on the “Fat Man” lately.  An enterprising Vine user captured and immortalized it in Vine form, so you can watch it as many times as you want below. And if you’re a Broncos fan, remember to thank the next fat man you see for his contribution to Sunday’s victory over the Patriots.

Here’s video of a “Fat Man” call:


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