Watch KU Guard Wayne Selden Kick a Fan in the Face While Diving for a Ball (GIF)

wayne seldon dives into crowd

The vast majority of people watching the Kansas Jayhawks take on the Baylor Bears last night in KU’s Allen Field House had to love the hustle of Freshman guard Wayne Selden as he leapt into the crowd to keep a ball in bounds. That effort led to a layup and was part of a crucial 14-2 run that the Jayhawks needed to pull away from the Bears.

However, there was one KU fan who would have preferred it if Selden had just let the ball go out of bounds. And that, of course, was the guy he kicked in the face and then totally flattened while diving into the stands.

Take a look:

wayne selden dives into stands kicks fan in face

“Rock chalk OW MY NOSE!”

Seriously, the more you watch that, the more painful it looks. The poor bastard in the blue shirt takes a backheel right to the kisser.

On the bright side, now he knows what it’s like to be an MMA fighter. So that’s something. And hey, at least it came in a winning effort, as Kansas wound up finishing off Baylor, 78-68.

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